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St Mary's, Michelmersh, where John and Sarah's family were baptised. No Green graves were to be seen in the churchyard. (Ourgenes Archive)

The unusual wooden bell tower of St Mary's, Michelmersh. (Ourgenes Archive)

Jane Green, nee Barnes, taken at a studio in Clapham London circa 1870. (Ourgenes Archive)

Thomas Green and his father, John Green, taken at a studio in Lordship Terrace, New Wandsworth, London circa 1865. (Ourgenes Archive)

Thomas Green, Station Master, husband of Jane. (Ourgenes Archive)

Jane Green, nee Barnes. (Ourgenes Archive)

Jane Green, nee Barnes, circa 1900. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ernest Augustus Green at a studio Clapham Common London, 26 April 1884. (Ourgenes Archive)

Harry Wyndham Green circa 1873. (Ourgenes Archive)

Harry Wyndham Green c1884, taken the same day as the photograph of Madeline Bessie Green. (Ourgenes Archive)

Madeline Bessie Green, circa 1884, taken at a studio in Clapham, London. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ernest Augustus Green, 30 Sept 1899. Photograph taken in a studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba and sent to his sister Madeline Bessie. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ernest Augustus Green somewhere in Canada. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ernest Augustus Green and Eliza (nee Jeffery) on their 50th wedding anniversary. (Ourgenes Archive via Jeffery Family.)

The Death Certificate of Jane Green, nee Barnes. (Ourgenes Archive)

The grave of Jane Green, nee Barnes, as new, with a mention of Madeline Bessie Green on the headstone. (Ourgenes Archive)

The grave of Jane Green, nee Barnes, as it is today (June 2009) in St James' Cemetery, Winchester. (Ourgenes Archive)

Believed to be Flora Annie Rider circa 1869, photographed by her father Archibald Griffin Rider in Winchester. (Ourgenes Archive)

Flora Annie Green, nee Rider, husband Harry Wyndham, and family, believed to be Gerald, Wilfred, and Eric. (Ourgenes Archive)

The children of Ernest and Eliza Green. Left to Right: Edward, Allan, Ernest jr, and Ada. (Ourgenes Archive via Jeffery Family.)

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