Faces and Memorabilia from the Needle Tree


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A facsimile of Jacob Needle and Hannah Dowling's Wedding Certificate. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ruth Butler Needle (Carter) circa 1890. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ruth Butler Needle (Carter) circa 1910. (Ourgenes Archive)

The memorial order of service for Ruth Butler Needle (nee Carter) 1852 - 1931. (Ourgenes Archive)

Louisa Needle 1876-? (Aunt Louis). (Ourgenes Archive)

The Birth Certificate of Willie Ralph Needle, clearly confirming he was named 'Willie', not 'William'. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ada Marion Green at the LSWR Orphanage at Clapham, later Woking. She is on the extreme left of the second row. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ada Marion Green at The LSWR Woking Railwaymen's Orphanage. She is believed to be in the hat at the back. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ada Marion Green circa 1894/5. (Ourgenes Archive)

Willie Ralph Needle in Army uniform. The photograph was taken in a Dublin studio. (Ourgenes Archive)

Willie Ralph Needle, second from left centre row, with some of his army colleagues. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ada Marion Green on or near to her Wedding to Willie Ralph Needle on Christmas Day 1905. (Ourgenes Archive)

Willie Ralph Needle on or near to his wedding to Ada Marion Green. (Ourgenes Archive)

The Wedding Certificate of Ada & Willie Needle. (Ourgenes Archive)

Ann Needle (Aunt Annie), second from right, at a family 'do', the wedding of one of Ada & Willie Needle's daughters. (Ourgenes Archive)

Willie Ralph Needle working as a coal carman, with his friend Mr Trueman in Winchester goods yard. (Ourgenes Archive)

Willie Ralph Needle sharing a joke with his workmates of J. S. White, Coal Merchants, in Winchester goods yard. (Ourgenes Archive)

A paper cutting from The Hampshire Chronicle announcing the death of Ada Marion Needle (nee Green). (Ourgenes Archive)

The staff of Winchester railway Station, LSWR, circa 1905. Willie Ralph Needle is fifth from left in the back row. (Ourgenes Archive)

The headstone for Doris Needle's grave before installation. (Ourgenes Archive)

The headstone for Willie Ralph Needle's grave before installation at Morn Hill Cemetery, Winchester. (Ourgenes Archive)

Alfred John Needle in uniform with the The Hampshire Regiment, c1942.

The notification recording Alfred John Needle 1921 - 1943 as 'Killed in Action'. (Ourgenes Archive)

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