Francis Needle and Mary Hatcher



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Mary Hatcher

1750 - ?

Married: 1778 - ?



James Needle

c1787 - ?


John Needle

c1783 - 1853


William Needle

c1786 - ?


Mary Needle

c1783 - ?

Francis Needle

c1781 - 1871


Sarah Needle

c1794 - ?




Francis Needle and Mary Hatcher were married in Kings Somborne, which is a parish to the west of Winchester, and to the south of Stockbridge, Hampshire, England. It is difficult to tell whereabouts they lived in the parish, though there are many houses in the area that clearly date from that period. A search of the church yard at Kings Somborne has not revealed any headstones for either Needle or Hatcher surnames.

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Francis Needle

c1749 - ?


Jacob Needle

c1778 - ?



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Births - Marriages - Deaths
Name Where Born When Born When Baptised Where Married When Married When Died Where Buried
Francis Needle Kings Somborne, Hants c1749 c1749     - -
Mary Hatcher Monxton, Hants c1750 12 Jul 1750

Kings Somborne, Hants

1 Jan 1778 - -
Jacob Needle Kings Somborne, Hants c Nov 1778 9 Dec 1778     - -
Francis Needle Kings Somborne, Hants c1781 7 Jan 1781     Dec 1871 -
Mary Needle Kings Somborne, Hants c Jan 1783 19 Jan 1783     - -
John Needle Kings Somborne, Hants c1783     7 Feb1853 Broughton, Hants
William Needle Kings Somborne, Hants c Apr 1786 26 Apr 1786     - -
James Needle Kings Somborne, Hants c Apr 1787 13 Apr 1787     - -
Sarah Needle Kings Somborne, Hants c Mar 1794 6 Apr 1794     - -
bullet Francis born c1749 was one of several brothers and sisters, but exactly who their parents were is not clear.
bullet Francis (born 1781, son of Francis) is recorded as dying in Dec 1871 in the New Forest, Hampshire, and may have been living in the Parish of Eling, which is on the western side of Southampton, Hampshire, England, where he may have built his family.
bulletMary Hatcher was baptised on 12 Jul 1750. Her parents are recorded as Joseph and Jane Hatcher. Mary had several brothers and sisters.
bulletMonxton is a Parish about 8 miles to the  west of Andover, Hampshire. It's parish church is St Mary's, a beautiful little church only accessible by a footpath (see photograph). On a recent visit no headstones of the Hatcher family were visible.


John Needle married Mary Dobbs at Kings Somborne Parish Church 21 Dec 1812.

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